Headphone is my personal bubble

Work typically takes me across the pond once every month. Normally it is a 2 hop on either direction and sometimes its 3. I have got used to my getting the treasured personal space. No calls, no emails, nada de nada.

I am sure most travellers do the same. I either have some good book from Audible going or Spotify streaming some comfort music. I say comfort music because I have found that I listen to the favorites more often while traveling than trying new stuff.

The next component has been a good drink. Flying Delta a lot because I really like them means I get one of my favorite’s – the Woodford Reserve. So much so that on one of the recent flights just before landing the Stewardess brought be a little give of 3 small bottles. Now you probably know another reason why fly Delta. Their service. No big fuss, frills but just nice folks who treat you well.

The headphone is a way to put ourselves inside a bubble – comfort zone. But in 2017 I just spoke to 3 people in all on the plane. One because the person was quite curious about me and that ended up in me getting into an interesting business, the second was someone who was going on a vacation and needed a drinking partner on the plane and finally someone who accidentally I found was very interesting. I mean accidentally because I was trying to help with bag from the overhead cabin.

In all those 3 experiences I think I am much richer as a person because I got to meet different people with very different ideas and opinions or sometimes similar to mine. I must say that I am sincerely happy that I got to talk to those folks.

So the question for myself this year is – Do I talk to strangers on a plane? It’s a little different from being in my own bubble listening to George Thorogood’s – “I drink alone” and enjoy my drink. I think I am going to remove my headphones more often.